Land Bank

Making County owned real estate available for acquisition by individuals, companies and organizations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors through sales and nominal consideration conveyances is a job that keeps the Shelby County Land Bank very busy.  Currently, the Land Bank has available over 4,509 properties of which 462 have residential or commercial improvements thereon.  The majority of these properties were acquired by the County through delinquent taxes.  The rest of the properties were initially purchased by the County for a particular public purpose but have now become surplus.

It is the Land Bank's mission to get these properties back into productive use by responsible owners as quickly as possible in an effort to preserve property values, encourage redevelopment in the older communities, revitalize neighborhoods, minimize blight, maximize our tax base and reduce tax-supported expenses.
In addition to the Land Bank's property disposal responsibilities, it functions as the County's Real Estate arm providing services associated with leasing, acquisition of property and property rights, easement grants and releases, and encroachment control.

Thank you for visiting our Web !  While you are here we also invite you to visit our NEW web-based Listing and Mapping Site to view the properties that we currently have available.  Just click on "Properties For Sale - GIS map" listed below.  This site will allow you to see where these properties are physically located within Memphis and Shelby County (properties represented by red dots).  It allows you to see the properties with Google Map or Satellite backdrops, and you may pan around zooming in and out as desired.  By clicking on a property (red dot), information on that selected property will be displayed in an information balloon including therein a link to see a street view of the property as well as a link to the Shelby County Register's web site to see the Register's mapping of the property and other specific property information.  This site also provides options for you to filter your search of these properties by zip code, street name, zoning, price, etc. viewing the results in tabular format or on the map.