1. Potential Purchaser may find a property on or
  2. Potential Purchaser must submit a completed  property request form to
  3. A Real Estate specialist drafts an offer agreement or donation form and emails it to the Potential Purchaser.
  4. Potential Purchaser must return signed offer agreement or donation form with Good Faith Deposit and copy of ID.
  5. Shelby County Land Bank will run ad inviting other bids on the property.
  6. Bid off held if other bids on the property are submitted.
  7. County Commission and County Mayor approval of the purchase must be obtained to proceed with the sale.
  8. Shelby County Land Bank will contact Potential Purchaser to bring in closing funds for the sale.
  9. Shelby County Land Bank forwards offer agreement and closing funds to Shelby County Trustee.
  10. After the Shelby County Trustee processes the funds and obtains the County Mayor’s signature on quit claim deed, the Trustee will issue a quit claim deed to the Purchaser.