Click here for an overview of how Land Bank works
1. You may find Land Bank property at "Properties For Sale". Once you find a property you are interested in, create your eProperties account and click “apply” to submit you offer to purchase. You may track the status of your application on the eProperties site at any time.
2. We will review your offer to purchase and verify you are current on all city and county property taxes and your submitted offer to purchaser is complete. Once approved, we will email your Offer to Purchase to you. You must sign this and send to the Land Bank along with and copy of your Driver’s License
3. We will run ad inviting other bids on the property.
4. A bid off (auction) is held if other bids on the property are submitted.
5. We bring a resolution to the County Commission for approval of the sale. County Commission and County Mayor approval of the purchase must be obtained to proceed with the sale.
6. Once approved, you will receive an email and an update in the ePropertyPlus applicant portal with instructions on how to make or send the closing payment with the Shelby County Land Bank.
7. We send your offer agreement and closing funds to Shelby County Trustee.
8. After the Shelby County Trustee processes the funds and obtains the County Mayor’s signature on quit claim deed, the Trustee will issue a quit claim deed to the Purchaser.
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